Thank you Teri for being the beautiful spirit that you are. Because you share your gifts, it allows me to share mine. You shine my friend!

Dove Daniel

Probably the best class I ever took from anyone. This class will keep you current, and in the know.

Chef Gregg Wangard
Marisol at The Cliff's

Teri Bayus is a real crowd pleasing hoot. But beyond the wonderful entertainment value we all experienced was a wealth of real life experience in the various trenches of the writing business. Down to earth and shooting for the stars were equally embraced in a raucous and touching evening of "Shop Talk" which included everyone from the newbie writer to the most seasoned professional. It is a President's dream to witness the organization enjoying and learning from such a well seasoned professional. Many heartfelt thanks to Teri Bayus for her presentation.

Best regards,
Dennis Young Photography

An 3 hour or weekend class with Teri Bayus could change your life for sure. As a teacher she has excellent content and provides a performance as well as a presentation. As a person, Teri has heart, moxey and is just plain fun to be around.

Judy Salamacha, Director of the Central Coast Writers' Conference

I am a creator. Written word, video capture, social gatherings, marketing, and librettos to groups. I travel, write, produce, and amaze. Share in my adventure.

I also teach social networking classes for writers, businesses, and non-profits. I love to share my passions and experience with public speaking engagements.

Teri is on TV!

I am doing a TV version of my dinner reviews for Central Coast Now TV (Charter Channel 10 & Comcast Channel 27) so look for my show "Taste Buds". I am already having a ball producing it, here is the promo:

Central Coast Writer's Conference

I am the Director of the Central Coast Writers Conference for 2015. I was honored to be considered and look forward to next year, keeping what is wonderful about the conference and embracing new technologies, genres and techniques for 2015.

My goal is to enhance the conference (September 18-20, 2015) with new genres including screenwriting, comedy, dystopian, horror and erotic writing workshops. Email with any questions.

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